10 Easy Ways To Save Energy In Your Home

Dated: 04/22/2014

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10 Easy Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

 If you are planning on listing your home in the near future, one guaranteed way to stand out from the sea of other homes on the market is by making your home more energy efficient. Buyers are aware of the benefits that come with an energy efficient home and are bypassing homes that don’t offer the latest features. Energy efficient homes save money and cost less to power than non-efficient homes. In most parts of the U.S. tax breaks are a financial incentive offered from Federal, state, utility and local jurisdictions as well. Not to mention decreasing energy use reduces our impact on climate change and pollution. Here are some tips to get you going
1.Heating/Cooling your home:
a. Install a ceiling fan and use rather than air conditioner when feasible.
b. Replace filters periodically in air conditioners and heaters
c. Turn down thermostat when no one is around. Or install a programmable thermostat to ensure heating and cooling appliances are automatically turned down during times that no one is home and at night.
d. Draw curtains/ blinds at night for extra insulation.
2. Install Tankless water heater: Demand-type water heaters provide hot water only as it is needed. They don't produce the standby energy losses associated with traditional storage water heaters, which will save on energy costs.  
3. Replace Light Bulbs: The use of new lighting technologies, such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), can reduce the energy use required by lighting by 50% to 75%.
4. Seal and Insulate Your Home: This is one of the most cost-effective ways to make a home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Make sure these places are not allowing leakage
a. Electrical outlets/switch plates
b. Around pipes and wires
c. Wall- or window-mounted air conditioners
d. Attic hatches
e. Weather-stripping/windows/doors
5. Install efficient Showerheads and Toilets: Low Flow Shower heads/Toilets. Both are available in a variety of flow rates.
6. Use Appliances and Electronics Responsibly: When not in use shut off and unplug devices such as computers, chargers, and other technologies.
7. Install Daylighting as an Alternative to Electrical: Daylighting is the practice of using natural light to illuminate the home's interior. Skylights, Light Shelves, Clerestory Windows, and Light Tubes are all new energy savers that people are taking advantage of.
8. Cook Smarter: It’s ridiculous how much energy is wasted while cooking. Here are a few less wasteful changes to make while cooking: a. Use of convection over conventional ovens will save you 20% on electricity costs.
b. When applicable use the Microwave oven, which uses 80% less energy than conventional ovens
c. Place pots/pans on matching size burners. Using lids will heat the food more quickly.
d. If you must use a conventional oven, place food on the top rack which is the hottest allowing food to cook fastest.
9. Change the Way You do Laundry: If possible, air-dry your clothes on lines and racks. Clean the lint trap every time before using the dryer to prevent fire hazards, and quicken dry time. Also wash clothing on lower temperatures when they are not as soiled.
10. Roofing: Replace the roof with one with an ENERGY STAR® label. It will save energy and help protect the environment through superior energy-efficiency.
a. Reduce the strain on your AC by applying reflective coating. This will help you save by decreasing the amount of heat coming into your home and keep your roof lasting longer. Reflective roofs not only reduce heat buildup, they also prevent the expansion and contraction that degrade roofs.

For more information pertaining to making energy saving improvements to your home or if you are looking to buy an energy efficient home contact the Realty Edge Team www.rochesterrealtyedge.com (507-722-1107) We would love to help you out! 
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