New Home Move In Checklist

Dated: 09/27/2019

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New Home Move In Checklist

You've just moved in to a new home and you know there are a million things you need to do before you relax! Check out this list of things to accomplish after moving in to your new home.


Change locks. You don’t want to assume that the new keys you are holding are the only ones with access to the home. Have all of your locks changed, you’re better safe than sorry. When attaining new keys for the locks, don’t forgot to get a few spare sets!



Reprogram the garage door opener. Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to making sure your new home is secure. Most remotes have a reset button, but if you need more assistance, contact the manufacturer to walk you through the steps based on your make and model.



Locate the water shutoffs. Find the main water shutoff in the home as well as the water spigots on the outside of the home. If you’re having trouble finding these, try contacting the previous homeowner.


Locate the main circuit breaker. When you find the circuit breaker, make sure all of the labeling makes sense to you so when something happens you aren’t second guessing yourself. If the breakers aren’t labeled in your new home, identify the circuits and make your own labels.


Test the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. You need one smoke detector in each bedroom and on every floor. Carbon monoxide detectors are needed on each floor. Additionally, place a fire extinguisher on each floor and become familiar with how to use it in case of an emergency.


Make a plan to use if you get locked out of your home. A common thing people do is hide a key somewhere outside of their home. If you have met your neighbors and trust them, leave a copy of your key with them. Also, share a copy of the home key with a reliable family member.


Change your address. Notify the post office immediately of your new address and then contact businesses and government bodies individually and promptly to make sure your mail is going to the correct place.


Read up on your HVAC system. Learn the HVAC system so you feel confident about using the furnace and air conditioner. If there are no instructions found on the system, search online to find them. Lastly, replace the current filer in the system for good measure.


Make a list of all your light bulbs. After doing this, buy energy efficient replacements. Check all of the outdoor light fixtures as well!



Clean. Do a deep cleaning of your new home or hire someone to get it professionally clean!


Make an exit plan. Identify the best place to make an exit in the case of an emergency. Be sure that everyone living in the home will be able to access the exit and make sure everyone is educated on how to call 911.


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