4 Questions To Ask Rochester MN Neighbors Before Buying A Home

Dated: 07/08/2014

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4 Questions To Ask Rochester MN Neighbors Before Buying A Home

Having nosy neighbors can be beneficial in some circumstances.  If you are buying or have interest in a particular home, it is important to get feedback on the neighborhood. Before you get your heart set on a home for you and your family, you need to make sure the house is right for you. Start at the closest source- the neighbors! Potential buyers rarely spend an adequate amount of time thoroughly observing the neighborhood. Get out of your car and talk to the neighbors! Neighbors are familiar with the area and can tell you the pros and cons of the neighborhood and/or community. They can inform you of the nearest amenities in the area that you will have access to if you should choose to live there. Where are the nearest coffee shops? Where can people go to exercise?  Where do people buy groceries or go out to eat? These are just obvious things you will want to know. You are unlikely be happy living in a neighborhood if the activities, schools, and people do not mesh with you and your family’s lifestyle. As you observe and explore the neighborhood and community, prepare yourself with questions for the neighbors. They should be able to provide you with useful information while get acquainted with new friends on the block.
1. Ask About the House-Chances are they will have a better insight of the home you are interested in than your realtor. A house may appear fine and dandy and pass all the inspections, but there may be some hidden faults that the neighbors may have knowledge of. Learning as much as possible about the home’s condition may put you in a better bargaining position when it comes time to present an offer.
2. Find Out the Neighborhood Vibe-In addition to getting the feel for the available amenities, ask about neighborly activities and whether people get along. Is there a neighborhood committee? When and how often do they meet? Do neighbors share any accountabilities or favors? As you get to know people and faces, ask yourself if you could envision your family acclimating to the neighborhood. Great neighbors can be awesome and become life-long friends. However, obnoxious neighbors can make life a nightmare.
3. Is the Area Kid-Friendly-If you have or plan to have kids, the neighborhood you choose should be suitable for them. Consider what child-friendly services are present, such as local babysitters, after school clubs, math tutors and summer day camps nearby. It’s important to ask about crime, safety, and schools, as well as what activities that are accessible. Neighbors can tell you what actions have occurred that may not be on police records. Also, ask yourself whether neighbors and their kids will have a positive influence on your children during their interactions.
4. Rate Your Experience-After meeting with the neighbors reflect on if the interactions were pleasant and positive. If everything points to awesomeness, you can confirm that you and your family will be happy with not only the house but the neighborhood and community as well! 

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