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Decorating for Halloween Through Harvest in Rochester MN

Dated: 10/21/2014

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Decorating for Halloween Through Harvest in Rochester MN

Spider webs and ghosts can create a fun, spooky vibe, but a more elegant approach to Halloween décor can last through the entire fall season.

Bring the Outdoors In: As the cold weather approaches Rochester MN, people are beginning to spend less time outdoors, bring touches of nature indoors to represent the season. Branches are a rustic approach to decorating and gives just the right touch of moodiness to your space. Willow sticks gathered and tied with a ribbon or raffia looks great in a vase or placed horizontally on a table. Corn stalks and hay are perfect for front door décor so leave those elements outdoors. Dried flowers are elegant additions that are less of a mess. Check your local craft stores such as Hobby Lobby to find an assortment of fall foliage décor that is suitable for Halloween through Thanksgiving.
Incorporate Understated Spooky Elements: Think of what you might see in a haunted house-candelabras, mercury metal accessories, and mirrors. Old/vintage family photos are always creepy and give great spook-factor. Keep Halloween designs understated to provide versatility.
Decorate With Your Food: It would be just plain wrong not take advantage of the pumpkin fascination this time of year brings. Pumpkin is the official mascot of fall and is a great decoration as well as flavor! My advice is to go all out with pumpkins of different colors, textures, and sizes. Gourds, Squash, and other typical fall produce looks awesome as well in decorative baskets as centerpieces and really make you feel the season. Mix arrangements up so instead of bunch of pumpkins, arrange a giant pumpkin with gourds to create more dimension. Don’t use jack-o-lanterns since they primarily symbolize Halloween. Blank faced pumpkins can stay up till Thanksgiving passes.  
Go Rustic: If you want to stay clear from a cheesy fall scheme, stick to classic accessories. Old barn wood planks with sayings and words like “Boo” or “Harvest” are adorable. Primitive Scarecrows are a great element to incorporate into your display since they do not specifically associate with Halloween.
Have Fun: For some, Halloween may be your favorite holiday and you look forward to going all out the entire year. In this case-Have at it! At times a porch filled with Halloween accessories is the perfect decorating route to take — especially if kids are in the house. Lights, tombstones, ghosts, bats, you name it! After all, you are making an impression by having guests, trick-or-treaters or family over.

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