Four Tips To Prevent In Home Flooding

Dated: 04/24/2018

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4 Ways to prevent in-home flooding

Four Tips to Prevent In-Home Flooding

With all this melting snow and storm season coming up, make sure your home won't be destroyed by flooding. 

Here are four tips to help prevent water from creeping into your house:

1. Make sure rain gutters are cleared - and if possible, extend downspouts further from your home. Repair any leaks from the roof. Trim tree branches that are hitting your house or are in danger of falling and damaging the home. 

2. Inspect, clean, and unclog septic tanks or sewer openings. If you don't have a sub-pump, consider getting one. This will drain any standing water and helps prevent flooding situations. 

3. Check for cracks in your foundation and doorways - make sure there's no way for water to enter the home. 

4. Go over your insurance policy and make sure you're covered if you ever have water damage. 

If you do get water in your home, it should be removed within one or two days to prevent mold, rust or other damage. You could also be in danger of live power lines or electrically charged water. 

*Info from National Association of Realtors

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