South East Minnesota And Rochester MN Real Estate Get Out Of Your Rut

Dated: 04/16/2015

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Get out of your South East Minnesota Real Estate Rut

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            The Spring is upon us and it's time to get into gear and fulfill all those dreams you've been visualizing all winter long, some of us even longer.  It's so easy to become an "avoider" , We all know what talking about, procrastination.  There are many results of putting off the all important tasks that seem to weigh us down , stress, guilt, bad reputations, drained ambition possibly even poor health.  The real estate industry creates many opportunities to delay that first step in preparing for "the next big move" be it readying your home for sale, contacting the lender or recruiting the right agent to guide you through the mindfield.  The Realty Edge Team would like to share some helpful tips and reminders on how to clear the first hurdle and set a firm foundation for the next leap.

            Waiting for the perfect set of circumstances is a common mis-step in getting out of the blocks on any new project or task.  The truth of the matter is that things are rarely ideal in the beginning, finding the time to accomplish a goal or space to create the perfect environment usually leave the opening to put off starting at all.  Recognizing that the lack of equipment or proper ingredients isn't a reason to delay but the opportunity to assemble the needed assets to success is a sure fire way to ensure you're on the track to fulfillment.  

            "No Strain, No Gain" , with out effort few things are ever possible.  Working under pressure doesn't always bring out the best in people, often the guise of being better under pressure is actually procrastination rearing its ugly head.  Those that believe they are better under pressure have to be clear on whether they actually do or if that is actually their norm after procrastination has evolved their thinking.  

            Prioritization is another form of being stuck.  We can use lesser important more desirable tasks to put off the completion of more difficult and more pertinent activities.  Completing tasks isn't necessarily being efficient if the priority of said tasks is out of order.  Everyone wants the instant gratification of seeing a goal come to fruition but the sacrifice of more important ventures for the sake of a lesser can lead to the loss of the ability to complete  more relevant ones.  Just because something is unfamiliar do not assume it to be more time consuming to accomplish than something more familiar.  

            Most people love to eat waffles, but acting like a "waffle" can lead to all kinds of trouble.  Trying to ride the fence on working on a task is another type of procrastination.   If you're undecided on your commitment to a project , don't start it.  Time is a valuable commodity and wasting it on a noncommittal project will sacrifice the more pressing activity.  Jumping between multiple projects is a counteractive and often calamitous endeavour.  Project jumping leads to a lower success rate and decreased efficiency.  

good tips to reclaim your drive:

    1.      Remind yourself that there is always more to do than there is time, Are you doing the correct task                 at this given time??

    2.      Sculpt your "to do list",  only include the tasks you are avoiding, do not include tasks you know                  you will finish, write out the list and set realistic deadlines.

    3.        Break down tasks into smaller attainable goals, levels of accomplishment are inspiring

    4.        Eliminate temptation to be distracted, digital distractions like "Facebook" , "Twitter" "Craigslist'                     and "Youtube" ;  self help applications are offered for free-  SelfControlApp



                                                                                                                               Vitamin R


    5.      Reward yourself bigtime after a bigtime completion

    6.      Visualize the happiness you will create for yourself, the pride you will feel after a job well                     done.   anticipate the relief you will experience as you stride chin up toward the next                     objective  

    7.       Negative reinforcement for the the "tough Love" crowd,  secure in writing consequences for                     incomplete tasks, set realistic deadlines and proportionate penance,  hold yourself                     accountable

    8.        Solicit help in accomplishing an activity,  asking for help will ensure accountability and create an                     atmosphere for success

    9.        Announce your intentions to the world, use your social media outlets to create a platform for                     your expectations, it's not for others benefit but for your  own permanence .

        As we conclude , look forward to being open to new opportunity.  Do not cloud your chances of success with biased and self conscious thoughts, live your life according to your own rules and not the thought of what others might think.  Engage your curiosity and ask questions.  Pay attention to things that you've ignored in the past, finding patterns and connections in the obvious and the not-so obvious angles of life.   Cluster your findings to better manage the information you've gathered.  Shuffling and reorganizing of facts, materials and plans often creates an opening for success.  Shake things up a little and watch the pieces fall into place.   Lastly , keep in mind that sometimes the slightest shift clears an entirely new perspective.

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