The Importance Of Your Very Own Real Estate Advocate While Buying In Rochester MN

Dated: 07/07/2015

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  • The importance of having your very own "Real Estate Advocate" while shopping for or selling property in Rochester, MN can not be measured easily.  Of course any person of sound mind and with even an average amount of intelligence can figure out how to navigate their way through this volatile market, albeit clumsily and inefficient.   Not many people have the patience or the tolerance for dealing with the public to pull off their desired outcome with out losing control of their faculties.  

  • Real estate professionals are seldom given the credit they deserve.  In order to successfully complete a transaction there are many "hoops" to jump through.  The experienced agent has been through these trials many times over and knows how to avoid these pitfalls.  Knowledge of the path of least resistance in this "dog eat dog" realm of properties is invaluable when you consider the time spent dodging the oncoming traffic of casual shoppers and scavenging ethically challenged unprofessionals.  A good agent acts as the buffer between the client and the rough underbelly of parcel transfer actions.  The paperwork alone involved in moving title ownership from one entity to another is enough to cause an individual that is unprepared to lose the ability to think rationally as his or her wits are gradually sucked away from them, causing the outcome to be less than favorable.

  • The "Real Estate Advocate" or agent, I like being unique, is equipped with all the tools necessary to create a positive experience for buyers and sellers alike as they seek a desired result.  A person on trial for murder is assuredly best served  being represented by a lawyer,  so is the potential real estate client best served by using a trained professional to create the scenario where in their dreams can come to fruition.  A large number of novices have either found out too late to find success or languished in disappointment and regret as there opportunities have faded.

  • Not everyone can be good at everything, the sooner we realize this the sooner we can get tasks completed efficiently and expertly.  When just finished isn't good enough we seek out assistance to complete the task to the perfectly.   Why not cut out the distress at the outset and have the perfection desired assumed .

  • There are no rules against interviewing agents until you find the one with whom  you are most comfortable.  Get referrals from friends and family , explore internet offerings and investigate an agents track record in order to ascertain a candidate qualifications.  Use every possible resource before deciding on a professional to assist in your endeavour.  Remember, devotion and commitment is a two way street, consider your agent as your advocate, the person or team that has your back just as you have your trust in them and enjoy the ride rather than lose sleep over the mundane.

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Kyle Swanson

Kyle is the broker/co-owner at the Realty Edge Team. He founded the Realty Edge Team in 2011 along with Dan Kingsley. At age 26 he received the prestigious “30 under 30” award from the National As....

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